When you order a book your order details are placed into a hopper with the other books ordered around the same time. These orders are then passed on to writers who are free to choose the books that they feel qualified to handle. Thus, the more complicated a topic is, the smaller the number of writers who are qualified to write on it and the longer it will take to be chosen by a writer.

With that being said, most books are picked up by writers in between 3 and 7 days with extremely niche books sometimes taking up to 14 days to be chosen. If the topic you have chosen for your book falls into this latter category you will be notified as the order is processed so you can plan accordingly.

From that point, the average amount of time it takes for a writer to return a book for editing (for books up to 30,000 words) is between 6 and 18 days. Technical topics may take up to 21 days in some instances. Once the book is returned for editing and accepted as being free of major flaws, you will receive a first draft to review. Once you confirm it is acceptable it will be sent to the editing team. 

Once a book has been returned for editing you can typically expect it to remain in that stage of the process for between 7 and 14 days. During this time it may be returned to the writer as needed for additional quality control. Each time it is returned to the editing team it will be scanned to ensure it remains within Amazon’s standards for duplicate content and checked for spelling/grammar errors as well as for readability and flow. While in editing each book is also analyzed to ensure it meets all of the requirements listed in the order details.

Additionally, as the quality of the books we create is fully subjective based on who is viewing the content in question, we will not offer refunds once a book has been created and the writer has been paid for its creation. Instead we offer unlimited revisions on any book for 30 days after it has been delivered. 

Finally, it is important to understand that Ewriter Solutions serves as a way for writers and clients to connect, but we do not directly employee the writers you work with. As such it is possible that your book may be delayed for reasons that are entirely outside of Ewriter Solution’s control. Thus, any deadline that we may provide is entirely contingent on your writer both agreeing to do the job at hand as well as following through as indicated.