Our philosophy

At E-Writer Solutions we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that passive income can bring.  That’s why in 2015 we started with our lowest rate (Tier 1 standard) and that’s why we still offer the lowest per word rate of any of our direct competitors despite paying our writers 20% more on average.

We know that every book needs to be unique in order to stand out from the crowd which is why we provide the unique and personalized experience your book needs to go from an idea in your head to words on the digital page. We understand that building an eBook empire begins with a single book which is why we strive to offer as many different service and add-on combinations as possible. We are constantly on the lookout for new service opportunities while also not being too proud to retire those that didn’t provide the quality level of service we expected.

While we are always looking to hire new writers and editors, we keep our support staff, and costs, to a minimum in order to ensure that we can keep our rates as low as possible. This doesn’t mean that our clients are underserved, however, as we understand that the idea of putting together a large sum just to risk it all on an investment that might not pay off can be scary and want to do our part to walk you through it. Our team is available seven days a week by email and by phone by appointment. We have overseen the creation of more than 15,000 books since we opened our doors and we are happy to share our experience with you!

Why choose a ghostwriting service?

A common option that many folks who are new to self-publishing turn to when it comes to having their first eBook written is one of a host of gig-based websites, confident they can find a writer and manage the writing process by themselves without anyone’s help. The secret is, it isn’t hard to find a freelance writer but it is quite hard to find a freelance writer whose work you enjoy reading. That’s where EWS comes in as you can place an order confident that your writer will not only be a native English speaker but that they have already proven they have what it takes to generate quality content.

By choosing EWS you allow us to do all the heavy lifting for you, leaving you free to focus on choosing the perfect topic while we find the perfect writer to match. If you’ve worked with creative individuals in the past you know that they are often great at dreaming up amazing ideas but just as often lacking in execution. This is why all orders are overseen by a content manger who is always on hand to answer questions that you or your writer might have about the project or to find a new answer if one isn’t readily available.
They keep a close eye on the writer throughout the process to ensure that if they do decide to do something unexpected, it doesn’t seriously affect the timeline of your project. You can track the progress of your order in real time and communicate with your writer, manager and editor here .

Low rates

After visiting our site for the first time, the biggest question that most new clients have is how we can offer rates that are more than $100 per 10,000 words less than other similar services. Despite this fact, we also pay our writers, on average, 20% more than those other services as well. While part of this difference is due to our al la carte philosophy that ensures clients don’t have to pay for more service than they need, the main reason our tier 1 standard service is so affordable is because it is staffed by talented writers who are looking to break into professional writing for the first time.

Our writer acquisition team combs through hundreds of applications per week to ensure that only those that meet our strict standard for quality will be welcomed onto the team for an opportunity to hone their skills in what is, for many, their first paid writing job. We only bring less than 10% of all applicants onboard which means you can order with confidence knowing that when you do, your order will be in good hands. Our tier 1 writers who go on to prove themselves especially reliable and professional are then offered a position on our tier 2 team where their hard work is rewarded with better rates and more interesting work.

Al la carte philosophy

At EWS we care deeply about giving each client exactly what they are looking for and not trying to bog down their experience with lots of complicated packages stuffed full of expensive filler masquerading as “great deals”. We know that each and every eBook is unique which is why all of our services are provided on an a la carte basis to offer a more personalized experience for all types of self-publishers. Those looking for nothing more than content generation will find it, as will those looking for all the bells and whistles and everyone in between as well.

eBook creation process walkthrough

Here at EWS, we believe that communication is paramount to the success of the ghostwriting process, and to that end, our process works a bit differently than other ghostwriting services you may be familiar with to better ensure clients and writers are on the same page from start to finish. The policy outlined below is what you will be agreeing to when you click “agree to terms and conditions” prior to placing your order.

Our process is broken into four steps. Between each you will receive content from your writer and you will have time to reply with any changes or concerns you might have. The faster you respond at each stage, the sooner you will be able to expect the final draft. You will also receive a date to expect the next round of content at each stage so you know exactly what to expect at any given time.

Step 1 (The outline)

Once your book has been paired with a writer, the first stage begins when you receive the outline they have created for your book. This will also be the time where they can ask questions about anything you may have provided and to ensure you are both on the same page moving forward. During this stage a full refund is still available. If you don’t like what the writer has provided at this stage we can proceed in multiple ways.

a) The writer can update the outline and resubmit based on your feedback

b) We can reassign the project to another writer and try again

c) We can refund you for 100% of the cost of your original order

Step 2 (The first half of the book)

Once they have received your feedback on the outline the writer will then produce 50% of the total words for the order for your review. At this point a full refund is available under the condition that the writer has diverged significantly from the outline you confirmed in a way that cannot be corrected without starting from scratch. Once the first half of the book has been confirmed a full refund will no longer be possible as the first half of the writer’s pay will be released. A 50% refund will still be available until the end of the next step.

Step 3 (Full book)

After you have confirmed the first half of your book the writer will complete the full draft. Once the second half of your book is finished you will receive a copy of the completed text to review. At this point a 50% refund will still be available if the writer dramatically diverged from the second half of the outline in a way that cannot be fixed without rewriting the entirety of the second half of the book. With your confirmation that the content as a whole is acceptable, your book will be sent to editing for a final review.

Step 4 (Final confirmation)

Once your book has been processed by the editing team you will receive the final draft for review. With your confirmation the order will be closed and the writer will be paid the remainder of their fee for the book. Once the second half of the writer’s pay has been processed refunds will be limited to 5% of the cost of the order and/or coupons for future books.


Unlike many other services, we at EWS are willing to admit that writers are not machines which means deadlines may slip from time to time because they may need a little extra time to get things just right. We are also willing to admit that no two books are going to require the same amount of work, even if they have the same word count. What we are not willing to do, however, is to provide work that is rushed through production just to meet a one-size-fits-all deadline that forces all books of a given length to be completed in the same time frame regardless of the complexity of each individual topic.

With this in mind, we offer an estimate of between three and four weeks for books of around 30,000 words to proceed from outline to full draft submission. This estimate is subject to change as needed to ensure the final version we send out is the best it can possibly be. Writers will also provide estimated dates they will return their next submission when their current submission is approved. The progress of individual books can also always be tracked here.

Finally, please remember that EWS serves as a way for writers and clients to connect, but we do not directly employee the writers you work with. As such it is possible that your book may be delayed for reasons that are entirely outside of our control. Thus, any deadline that we may provide is entirely contingent on your writer both agreeing to do the job at hand as well as following through as indicated.