Basic Editing

The editing team will confirm that the book meets all of the client’s requests using the original order details. They will read through the introduction and chapter 1 to ensure the writer has a firm grasp on the content in question and will represent the content and the client in a respectful and accurate manner. They then move on to fixing common grammar and spelling errors and fill in missing words while also using this time as an opportunity to spot check every page for more serious errors. They double check the conclusion and the description are both on brand and a fitting explanation of the book’s ideas. They correct all formatting based on client needs/formatting package requests. This process typically takes about 7 days. They will also honor three rounds of revision requests for one month from the final draft delivery date.

Charts and Graphs

Your writer will generate charts and graphs to elucidate relevant content throughout your book as needed.

Custom Copyright Page

Our custom copyright page helps to ensure that your book remains safe and secure, while also helping to absolve you from any hardship that may ensue should the advice within be used incorrectly.

Expediated Delivery

(8-14 days from outline confirmation to full draft submission) The writer will send an outline for confirmation before completing the full first draft and then sending it for confirmation. Full first drafts for books up to 50,000 words will be completed within 14 days from when the outline is confirmed.

Formatting Package

Would you like to publish your eBook online but don’t know how to get started—or don’t want to be bothered with all the extra legwork? Have no fear! Add this essential publishing package to your order and let EWS handle the hard part. We’ll take care of all of the intricate details involved in creating your book’s specialized formatting for electronic publication. The end result is your eBook converted to the EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, and PDF formats, giving it total and complete compatibility with all major reader applications. In short, the publishing package is a no-brainer for authors aiming to maximize the number of eyeballs on their work—no matter which devices their readers are using. Formatting for IngramSpark requires extra steps to complete which are available upon request.

Full-Service Editing

This option assigns one premium editor to your book and provides them with the freedom they need to go over it with a fine-toothed comb. They won’t stop until the best possible version of the book is revealed and will provide unlimited revisions for a month after the edited version is delivered to ensure this is the case.

General Review

Our editing team will review the document to ensure it is free of common spelling and grammar errors. They will also send it back to the writer for review if it does not meet our baseline quality standards. This process can take up to 14 days. Any revision requests are dependent on writer availability.

Licensed Stock Photos

If you are looking for specific images to accompany your project then our licensed stock photos are for you. Not only will these images be of a higher quality and of a greater specificity than those from our royalty free option but they are also fully licensed for commercial use in your book. With this option we can either source images for you or you may visit directly and choose to images you wish us to place in the document once it has been written.

Plagiarism Report

Every book written by our team of writers is checked for plagiarism before it is sent to you. This option provides a copy of the scan for your records.

Register Your eBook with the US Copyright Office

Once your book is finished our team will submit it to the US Copyright Office and handle the process of getting your content officially registered as a literary work. Once complete you will receive an official registration certificate in the mail. Rate includes US Copyright Office fees and processing.

Royalty Free Images

Our pictures are sourced from a variety of royalty-free sources. Please note we are not currently equipped to offer uniquely personalized pictures such as unique pictures for each recipe in a recipe book.

Rush Delivery

The writer will send an outline for confirmation before completing the full first draft and then sending it for confirmation. First drafts for books up to 50,000 words will be completed within 7 days from when the outline is confirmed. This option is recommended for those who are looking to get a book to market as quickly as possible.

Sales Description

Let your writer create a 500 word description of your book designed to highlight it’s best qualities and make customers anxious to read it. After all, who knows your book better than the person who wrote it?

Sales Description HTML

Amazon requires specialized formatting for the eBook descriptions listed on it’s platform. With this service we will take care of that formatting for you.

Signed Author Agreement

A proof of ownership document signed by your writer showing you have full rights to your project for your records.

Standard Delivery

(15-21 days from outline confirmation to full draft submission) The writer will send an outline for confirmation before sending the first half of the project for confirmation and then finally sending the full first draft for confirmation. Full first drafts for books up to 50,000 words will be completed within 21 days from outline confirmation to full draft submission assuming the client responds promptly to requests for confirmation and only minimal changes are requested. This option is recommended for those who have a very clear vision for their book and want to ensure the writer is following it exactly.

Standard Topics

Common standard topics include things like like cookbooks, diet books, self-help, spirituality, and fiction. Likewise, if you are looking for a basic overview of a common topic then this is the option for you.

Technical Topics

are those that require some level of prior knowledge from the writer for the best results and include categories like investing, trading, machine learning, polyvagal theory, programming and anything that requires a specific skill to properly write about like playing an instrument, crocheting, drawing. Likewise, if you are looking for an in-depth look at a topic, regardless of what that topic might be, then this is the option for you.

Tier 2

Our Tier 2 writers have been with us for an extended period of time with little to no complaints and are extremely reliable and professional. They are among the best EWS has to offer. They have proven themselves not only consistent with their results but are also very responsive. Tier 2 rates start at $2.40 per 100 words.

Tier 1

Our tier 1 writers are those that are new to EWS. While they all have all proven they have what it takes to be part of the team, they have less proven experience than our tier 2 writers. Tier 1 rates start at $1.60 per 100 words.

Writer Consultation Hours

If you would like to work with your writer directly on your project for any reason this option is for you. Great for interviews or collaborative projects, this option lets you order time to spend with your writer as you see fit. We offer individual hours or blocks of 5 hours at a discounted rate.

Zero Duplicate Content

While nothing our writers produce is plagiarized (taken from another source directly) it is possible for common words and phrases to pop up in multiple books on the same topic. In fact, Amazon allows up to 5 percent of each book published on its platform to be comprised of this type of duplicate content. If you would like to ensure that every single word of your book is truly unique then this option is for you.